Ultimate Wellness Pack


Nutrition and supplementation play a central role in overall health and wellness. Without proper supplementation, it is much harder to improve cognitive performance, cellular aging, healthy skin, better sleep and vision, and catch a break from excessive inflammation.  Although aging is unavoidable, improving our healthy longevity is attainable with a balanced lifestyle plus a spectrum of ingredients that target oxidative stress, inflammation, cognitive function, muscular/skeletal issues and other concerns that may lead to chronic disease.

The LiveGood Ultimate Wellness Pack contains the most comprehensive ingredients intended to help you achieve all of your wellness goals.

How to Maximize the LiveGood Products

LiveGood Factor 4 Anti Inflammatory: 2 softgels per day is approximately 1.2 grams of EPA/DHA and will offer benefits in managing inflammation. A dose of 3-4 grams of EPA/DHA which is 6-8 softgels per day, will offer benefits in lowering triglycerides.

LiveGood Essential Aminos: Mix 1 scoop of powder in water up to two times per day, preferably 30 minutes before a workout and again throughout the day as a refreshment. Pro tip: try using this beverage in place of a soda or sugary drink.

LiveGood BioActive Complete Multi-vitamin: Take 2 capsules with food, preferably breakfast or lunch since they contain B-vitamins that may increase energy.

LiveGood Vitamin D3/K2: Take 1-2 capsules with first meal of the day for maximum effect

LiveGood Ultra Magnesium Complex: Take 2 capsules in the afternoon or before bed. Pro Tip: Split the dose and take 1 capsule in the afternoon to assist with managing the afternoon stress of the day and the other capsule before bed to assist with sleep

LiveGood Super Greens: Take 1 scoop of powder with water or your favorite smoothie at least once daily and consider using another serving to replace a beverage that is less desirable.

LiveGood Super Reds: This performance boosting red powder should be part of your pre-workout and as a mid-afternoon energy boost. Mix 1 scoop with water or try mixing it with our fruit punch flavored Essential Aminos.

LiveGood Organic Coffee: Mix 1 scoop of powder in hot or cold water upon waking for that quick boost of energy, focus and motivation